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Celebrations On the 12th and 13th of June, Saint Anthony in Lisbon

Everyone knows what the month of June means in Portugal, parties and more parties.

But none of them has the same meaning as the celebration of Saint Anthony in Lisbon.

Dia 12 e 13 de junho o Santo António em Lisboa | Dia 12 e 13 of June St Anthony Celebration in Lisbon

The Feast of Saint Anthony of Lisbon is a popular celebration in honour of Saint Anthony of Lisbon (or Saint Anthony of Padua), which takes place annually in Lisbon, Portugal. Saint Anthony is one of the most beloved saints in Portugal and the festival is one of the most important and traditional in the country

The following are some key points about the party:

1. Duration:

Celebrations usually take place throughout the month of June, especially in the first half of the month.

2. Main Day:

The occasion is celebrated on June 13, St. Anthony’s Day.

The party starts on the night of June 12 and lasts until dawn, on the city’s main avenue, Avenida da Liberdade.

3. Popular Marches:

Colorful and lively parades with groups representing different neighborhoods of Lisbon.

They compete in performances of typical dances, songs, and costumes.

4. St. Anthony's Weddings:

A tradition in which couples marry en masse in a ceremony sponsored by the Lisbon City Council. Saint Anthony is known as the matchmaker saint.

5. Neighborhood Parties:

Each neighborhood in Lisbon organizes its own street parties, with music, dancing and food.

The streets and houses are adorned with colorful flags, arches, balloons, and other festive decorations.

Masses and Processions: There are special masses in honor of St. Anthony, as well as processions that carry the image of the saint through the streets.

Dia 12 e 13 de junho o Santo António em Lisboa | Dia 12 e 13 of June St Anthony Celebration in Lisbon
St. Anthony Statue

St. Anthony’s Church: The church dedicated to the saint, located near the Lisbon Cathedral, is a focal point of religious celebrations.

Cultural Importance

The Feast of Saint Anthony is an event that celebrates not only religiosity, but also Lisbon’s culture and identity. It is a time of great fraternization between residents and visitors, who participate together in the various activities and traditions.

Graca Street Decorated for festivities

In summary, the Feast of Saint Anthony of Lisbon is a vibrant combination of religious devotion, cultural traditions, and community celebrations, making it one of the most beloved and anticipated festivities in Portugal.

The queen of the party is undoubtedly the sardines on bread, always well accompanied by a glass of red wine or a beer.

Portuguese Sardine in Bread
Basil a simbol of the festivities in Lisbon

Basil has become one of the symbols of this popular Lisbon festival, which you should smell by running your hand through its leaves and then smell it by hand. We don’t know if it’s a myth or if it really happens, but if we smell the basil directly, it dies. If anyone wants to leave their experience with basil in the comments, we would appreciate 🙂

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Comercio Square

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