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Cantarinhas Fair 2024

Spring is here and with it the Portuguese festivities!

Swallows arrive in flocks to create a beautiful movement in the Portuguese skies, flowers bloom to color gardens like watercolors, and Portuguese fairs and traditions begin to pull the Portuguese out of their homes.

Is there a better way to celebrate life, the beautiful country we have and our ancestral traditions?

The answer is clear, no! So put on your agenda the 1st to the 5th of May to visit Bragança and the XXXVI Handicraft Fair.

“Exhibitors and artisans from all over the country will be present, in an event that showcases the best that is done in terms of handicrafts, confectionery, home and fashion items, products from the land, ceramics and traditional clay jars, among many others.” (Source: Turismo CM Bragança)


Handicraft Fair – Praça Camões

Cantarinhas  Fair- Praça da Sé e ruas do centro histórico

The Official program has not yet been released by the organization, but it will certainly delight visitors with activities and the usual stalls selling regional products, with a quality and flavor that only the region offers.

The Cantaras

The cantaras are nothing more and nothing less than pieces of clay with the aim of carrying something inside them. The Romans, on the other hand, used them to transport water, oil/olive oil, pickled fish, among other things, wine.

In this specific case in the region, the little cantarinhas were used to bring water to the fields to refresh the throats of the arduous workers.

The Manufacturing Process

The little cantarinhas came from the kind hands of the women who lovingly wanted to keep their husbands well fed and hydrated, but the manufacturing process involved the whole family. From the collection of clay to the transport till it arrives to the kind hands of the craftworkers.

Artesã a dar forma a uma cantarinha

If you want to find out more about this tradition and history of the cantarinhas, check out the page of the Pinela Ceramic Interpretation Center.

If you want to know more about the city of Bragança, visit the CM Bragança website here.

How to get there?

From Porto just follow the A4
From Lisbon, take the A1 and then the A4
Alternatively, you can book one of our personalized transport services here.

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